Biodynamic Consultant 

Corinne Comme is an esteemed viticulturist and consultant who travels the world helping winegrowers transition to biodynamic farming practices. For decades she has lived on the estate at Château Pontet-Canet in Pauillac, where her husband, Jean-Michel, was the estate's long term technical director. It was through him that she fell in love with wine, and discovered the intimate relationship between the vineyard manager and the land.  In 1997, Corinne and Jean-Michel took over the family farm that belonged to Jean-Michel's grandfather, and put their biodynamic philosophy into practice on the estate. The test was a great success, and Corinne endeavored to share her knowledge with others.

At Château Fonplégade, she plays a key role in helping the estate with biodynamic farming practices. Her passion for this holistic farming approach is shared by Denise and Stephen Adams, who believe that biodiversity and respect for the land's delicate ecosystem are essential to creating naturally harmonious wines. These practices are not only better for the land, they profoundly elevate the quality of the wines.    

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